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Postby Greg » Thu Oct 29, 2009 4:44 pm

Dear Customer

If you check the forum sections you will see a number of sections, which if you click you can then see the POSTS within each one.

To decide what forum you want to read and post in see below for seme idea's

1. If you have a question about your product, Tcode, Ad100, MVP, Pro units then click on the Technical forum that is under the products section that matches your product.

2. If you have a problem on a vehicle, then use the VEHICLE PROBLEMS forum to post there for help.

3. If you have a question on TRANSPONDERS, then use the transponder forum.

4. If you have a question about the mechanical key, the lock or help with opening cars use the Locksmithing forum.

There are also some technical information forums, which have specific information from the dealers and other sources which you can download.

These are at the bottom of the forum, and are listed by manufacturers. Click on the required one and you will see the posts that are there for you to download and help on particular cars.

If you do not know where to post your question, then use the GENERAL INFORMATION to get an answer.
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